UltraTread Stair Tread Covers - Description

UltraTread GRP Stair Tread Covers are designed as the ultimate anti slip stair tread cover that clads over existing substrates. UltraTread incorporates hard wearing anti slip GRP tread and riser but is joined to an extra strength aluminium core nosing section.
Most commonly used in heavy traffic areas like railway stations and stadiums, the high strength nosing ensures the stability of the nosing section for the long term regardless of the amount of traffic or the substrate condition.
As with the standard industrial stair tread covers, they come with a 55mm x 55mm contrasting nosing in either yellow or white, this combination is important in a rail environment where the start, mid and top landings are required to be yellow with the remaining treads with a white nosing.
The product meets the requirements of the current Building Regulations regarding stair access. Treads come up to a maximum 345mm deep and can simply be cut to the required depth. Max stock lengths are 3000mm but can easily be joined for larger width staircases.

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Key Benefits

  • Full Coverage of Step

    Stair Tread Covers are designed to fit completely over step substrates and with the addition of riser plates the whole staircase can be clad

  • Non Slip Top Surface

    Treads come with a top surface aggregate added to give extreme slip resistance underfoot

  • Tough Hard Wearing Fibreglass & Aluminium

    All treads  are made from hard wearing GRP (fibreglass) and aluminium to give Ultra strength.

  • Legislation Compliant

    Treads with a contrasting coloured nosing meet the current Building Regulations and DDA requirements are also met.

  • Choice of Colours

    A selection of different colours are offered on the product nosing.

  • Quick & Easy Installation

    As with the majority of the range, the tread covers and riser plates are very easy to install with minimal experience required.

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UltraTread information
 The maximum in stock dimensions of the UltraTread anti slip stair tread cover are 3000mm wide with common sizes of 2000mm, 1500mm, 1000mm and 750mm with a maximum depth of 345mm this can be cut down to any depth required for your stairs. For Landings and extra deep steps simply use a flat sheet to butt up to the stair tread cover to make and size required.To comply with Building Regulations, the stair tread covers have a 55mm x 55mm nosing. Material thickness is 4-5mm.
Black back section with Yellow 55mm x 55mm nosingBlack back section with White 55mm x 55mm nosing
Top Surface Finish
 Coarse top surface finish as standard to offer maximum grip and longevity given applications

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Product Videos

UltraTread product video

GRP Anti Slip Stair Tread Covers – How to Measure your staircase

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How to Measure your steps

We offer a FREE cutting service for all products we offer including our industrial stair tread covers. So that we can ensure you get anti slip stair tread covers that fit perfectly on your stairs, simply follow the measuring guidelines below and provide us with the information. If you are unsure about anything please give us a call.

GRP Anti Slip Stair Tread Covers – How to Measure your staircase


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