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GRP Anti Slip Stair Nosings installed at Nursery in London


GRP Anti Slip Stair Nosings installed at Children's Nursery in London

GRP Safety Limited have just completed the installation of their GRP Stair Nosings at the Apple Day Nursery, Near Enfield in London. The anti slip stair nosings were installed on three separate staircases leading to the basement section of the nursery, which is due to open its doors in September 2015. As this was a complete new build, the 55x55mm nosing profile was chosen to comply with the current Building Regulations Part M requirements.
Whilst the staircases are external, they are part covered, so the Fine anti slip aggregate was used, this was also more appropriate as children would also be using the staircases. The installation was completed in just 2 days and the staircases were put back into service immediately.
The staircases, which were made from steel checkerplate were slightly unusual as they had several half and quarter turns, similar to a spiral staircase and it was important for the client that these stairs has the GRP Stair nosings cut to the particular angle as can be seen in some of the photographs. These were all cut to shape on site, using a template system to achieve the correct angle.
An approximate 10mm gap was intentionally left on each side of the stair nosing, to allow any rain water to run down the stairs as oppose to pooling on the step. The non slip nosings were installed using the standard fixing method of a gap filling adhesive to bond the nosings to the steel substrate and then screw fixed in place using self tapping screws.

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