GRP Elevated Grating installed in Cambridge



GRP Elevated Flooring at Granta Park, Cambridge for SDC Builders

grp-elevated-floor-grating-sdc-science-park6GRP Safety, who have completed several GRP projects for SDC Builders were asked to install their GRP Safety Mini Mesh Grating to a new substation building at Granta Park, Cambridge. 

GRP Safety installed adjustable pedestals to a height of approx. 750mm to meet the height of the transformer. In addition, GRP Angles (pultruded) were installed around perimeter edges to tie in all supports.


grp-elevated-floor-grating-sdc-science-park11The GRP Mini Mesh grating was chosen to cover the flooring area in a grey colour with a hard wearing anti slip aggregate. The 9m x 8m area took about 2 days to complete and with such a quick installation time, allowed for the transformer to be installed safely at floor height the next day.

Whilst the height of the GRP Grating was slightly unusual, the standard heavy duty adjustables used have a range from 20mm to 1000mm offering a large range in elevated GRP flooring. 

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GRP Grating installed