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GRP Service Riser Grating used for Riser Shafts | GRP Safety

Your GRP Service Riser Partners - GRP Safety Limited

grp-service-risers-9 The RiserGrid system consists of GRP Pultruded fibreglass structural profile supports with GRP moulded anti slip grating for open risers and cut outs for services for riser flooring. Used for open service risers, lift risers, riser voids and riser shafts. Including wet and dry risers mechanical and electrical service risers. These are also referred to as Builders Work Holes for MEP. The GRP Riser Floors offer the following benefits:

  • A completely bespoke system for offering coverage for open service risers that are Ideal for New build & Refurbished building risers, Make your open Riser Safe.
  • All products are constructed from fibreglass (GRP) materials, the latest modern materials with a wide selection of benefits over traditional materials and are ideal for Service Riser Flooring.
  • Independent support profiles positioned in any location to support the Riser Floor Grating.
  • Virtually any service opening size can be catered for with a wide selection of different panel sizes that can be joined together to cover the area to make the Service Riser Grills.
  • Can be pre-fabricated off site to allow for simple fitting of supports and grating on site with no cutting.
  • Supports can be positioned to allow for future cut outs for services to alleviate the need for later re-positioning of supports, to create a complete riser safe system.
  • Working with other trades, cut outs for services can be done in conjunction with services being run.
  • Adjustments can be made on the fly to the riser shaft flooring if late changes are required (cutting required on site).

Benefits of a GRP Service Riser Systems from GRP Safety Limited

  • Non sparking
    The grp grating and grp structural supports can be cut without any hot works permit required.
  • Excellent Chemical and Corrosion Resistance
    Withstands the most corrosive conditions to ensure solid structural integrity in tough environments.
  • Unmatched Impact Resistance
    Can withstand major impacts with little structural damage and no failure.
  • Lightweight
    Less than 50% of the weight of steel grating.
  • Slip Resistant
    Available with a slip resistant aggregate manufactured into the top surface   to ensure employees always have good traction underfoot.
  • Electrically and Thermally non conductive
    Eliminates electrical / thermal hazards.
  • Long maintenance free life
    Requires no scraping, sandblasting or painting thus cutting life cycle costs dramatically.
  • Fire Retardant
    Grating has been tested to BS476: Part 7 that covers fire tests on building materials and structures, the grating met the class 1 flame spread rating.
  • High Strength
    Large spans can be achieved in between supports with minimal deflection rates that meet the 1/200th of the span as set down by BS4592-0:2006.
  • Choice of colours & top surfaces
    A Selection of colours are available allowing options for colour coded risers for mechanical, fire etc. In addition gratings can have either the   standard open mesh design or can have a slip resistant covered top.


GRP Service Riser  – RiserGrid Applications

GRP Service Riser Before and After

GRP Service Riser Brochure

The latest GRP Service Riser Grating & Support brochure is NOW available. To receive your copy, please complete the form below. The brochure covers the full GRP Service Riser system for GRP Riser grilles and grillage.


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Application Videos

GRP Service Riser Grating & Supports Overview

GRP Riser Grating Cut Outs for Services

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Recent Projects Overview

GRP Service Riser – A Selection of  Recent Projects Undertaken
(Full details available on request including site references where available)

Client:  FDL/Mclaren Construction
Site: London
Date of Install: Oct-Nov 2017
Duration of Works: 20 days
Client:  Bouygues UK
Site: Hounslow
Date of Install: Aug-Nov 2017
Duration of Works: 30 days
  Client: Phoenix ME
Site: London
Date of Install: July-Nov 2017
Duration of Works: 58 days
  Client: Kier Construction
Site: Oxford
Date of Install: June 2017
Duration of Works: 6 days
 grp-risers-kier-cambridge1 Client: Kier Construction
Site: Cambridge
Date of Install: May 2017
Duration of Works: 18 days
 grp-safety-riser-grid-flooring-ms1 Client: Morgan Sindal
Site: Henley
Date of Install: May 2017
Duration of Works: 5 days
 grp-risergrid-flooring-kier-scotland Client: Kier Construction
Site: Glasgow, Scotland
Date of Install: April 2017
Duration of Works: 6 days
 grp-risers-land-securities1 Client: Jaguar / Land Securities
Site: Central London
Date of Install: Mar 2017
Duration of Works: 18 days
 service-riser-decking-bowmer1 Client: Bowmer & Kirkland
Site: Slough
Date of Install: Mar 2017
Duration of Works: 29 days
 grpservice-riser-flooring-carillion1 Client: Carillion
Site: Clyde, Scotland
Date of Install: Feb 2017
Duration of Works: 12 days
willmott-dixon-bristol-riser-flooring1 Client: Willmott Dixon
Site: Bristol
Date of Install: Jan 2017
Duration of Works: 5 days
 bam-ilfra-riserflooring-1 Client: BAM
Site: Ilfracombe
Date of Install: Dec 2016
Duration of Works: 5 days
 interserve-hull-grp-service-risers-1 Client: Interserve
Site: Hull
Date of Install: Nov 2016
Duration of Works: 8 days
 bouygues-uk-cambridge-riser-decking-1 Client: Bouygues UK
Site: Cambridge
Date of Install: Oct/Nov 2016
Duration of Works: 38 days
 mala-london-riser-flooring1  Client: Mala
Site: London
Date of Install: Sept/Oct 2016
Duration of Works: 5 days
 kier-bodmin-grp-risers-1  Client: Kier Construction
Site: Bodmin
Date of Install: Sept 2016
Duration of Works: 6 days
 sdc-service-risers-sciencepark-1 Client: SDC Builders
Site: Science Park, Cambridge
Date of Install: Sept 2016
Duration of Works: 15 days
grp-riser-grillage-phoenixme-mace-app1a Client: Phoenix ME / MACE
Site: Knightsbridge, London
Date of Install: August 2016
Duration of Works: 3 days
grp-riser-flooring-balfour-beatty-edgbaston-app1 Client: Balfour Beatty
Site: Edgbaston
Date of Install: August 2016
Duration of Works: 5 days
grp-services-risers-level1-construct-app1 Client: Level 1
Site: London
Date of Install: June 2016
Duration of Works: 5 days
grp-service-riser-grating-jcoffey-mace-london1 Client: J Coffey / Mace
Site: London
Date of Install: May – June 2016
Duration of Works: 25 days
grp-service-riser-grating-kier-slough1 Client: Kier Construction
Site: Slough
Date of Install: May 2016
Duration of Works: 10 days
grp-service-riser-grating-interserve-bury1 Client: Interserve
Site: Near Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
Date of Install: May 2016
Duration of Works: 7 days
grp-service-riser-grating-sdc-builders-cambridge1 Client: SDC Builders
Site: Cambridge
Date of Install: April – June 2016
Duration of Works: 17 days
grp-service-riser-grating-kier-uxbridge1 Client: Kier Construction
Site: London
Date of Install: March 2016
Duration of Works: 5 days
grp-service-riser-grating-mace1 Client: Mace Group
Site: London
Date of Install: January 2016
Duration of Works: 6 days
grp-service-riser-grating-balfourbeatty1 Client: Balfour Beatty
Site: London
Date of Install: November 2015
Duration of Works: 15 days
grp-service-riser-grating-kier1 Client: WF / Kier
Site: Oswestry
Date of Install: October 2015
Duration of Works: 5 days
grp-service-riser-grating-ellis-building-contractors1 Client: Ellis Building Contractors
Site: Croydon
Date of Install: October 2015
Duration of Works: 2 days
grp-service-riser-grating-titan-carillion1 Client: TI / Carillion
Site: Somerset
Date of Install: September 2015
Duration of Works: 3 days
grp-service-riser-grating-morgan-sindall1 Client: Morgan Sindall
Site: Cambridge
Date of Install: July 2015
Duration of Works: 5 days